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Female description



Shape of Female


COMB: Walnut- small, setting firmly and evenly on head, front not to extend beyond point halfway between nostrils and point of beak and to extend backwards to a point perpendicular with eyes.


BEAK: Short, strong, well curved.


FACE: Fine in texture, nearly concealed by relatively long muff feathers.


BROW: Heavily furnished with feathers.


EYES: Large, full, slightly concealed by brow feathers.


WATTLES & EAR LOBES: Very small, concealed by beard.


BEARD & MUFFS: Composed of feathers turning horizontally backwards from both sides of beak, from the center, vertically downwards, the whole forming a collar of three ovals in a triangular group, giving a muffed effect.


HEAD: Medium size, wide in front, not well rounded, carried so that a line drawn parallel with top of tail will bisect beard.


NECK: Medium length, well arched.


HACKLE: Feathers rather short, full at base of head, flowing moderately over shoulders and back.


BACK: Fairly long, broad at shoulders, tapering convexly, sloping considerably to stern.


TAIL: Main Tail- medium length, feathers broad, fairly well spread, carried well back and at an angle of about 70 degrees above horizontal. Coverts- abundant, flowing well up tail.


WINGS: Medium length, strong, carried closely and well above lower thighs. Shoulders & Fronts- slightly raised. Bows- well rounded. Coverts- two distinct rows of broad feathers across wings. Primaries- medium length and width, completely concealed by secondaries. Secondaries- medium length, broad, tapering convexly to stern.


BREAST: Well rounded, carried high.


BODY & STERN: Body- rather long, medium depth and width. Stern- well tucked up; fluff, short.


LEGS & TOES: Legs- medium length, straight when viewed from front. Lower Thighs- medium length, tapering neatly to hocks. Shanks- medium length, strong, rather coarsely scaled.

Toes- four, medium length, strong, straight, well and evenly spread.


APPEARANCE: Alert, active, pugnacious.


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