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Visit us on facebook at We have a more open forum available Orloff Club of America  at

Visit our sister Society Russian Orloff Society of Great Britain on facebook or their web site

Visit the American Poultry Association on facebook at or for APA members at The APA also has a new web site

Visit the Youth Exhibition Poultry Association at

Visit the American Bantam Association at

Visit the Livestock Conservancy at

Visit the German Orloff Society on facebook at Orloff Züchter or their website

If you are interested in seeing Russian Stock Orloff visit the Russian forum which is in two parts on at Орловская порода кур (Orel breed chickens) and This forum is completely in Russian and can be translated (although not accurately) through Chrome or Firefox online translator.

Visit the Russian Orloff Portugal group page on facebook at

Visit the Russian Orloff Turkiye group page on facebook at

Shipping eggs can be frustrating especially with the way the PO has been handling them lately. Here is a very good method provided by Ron Rector to pack them for shipping to reduce the risk of having the buyer receive an expensive omelette. 

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